What if stories - issue 1


What if stories - issue 1


What if stories issue 1 is available in stores this Halloween but you can order your copy now!

The book contains 3 short stories

Broken Home - When Robert Marley gets a knock at the door from a desperate couple on Christmas eve he takes pity on them, inviting them into his home. Soon he is in a fight for survival as they show their true form, The weather outside isn’t all that’s frightful!

They Lived -It’s Christmas eve and a police officer named Ray Nelson picks up a call about a domestic disturbance. When he arrives at the scene a massacre is in process. He springs into action but soon realises all is not as it may seem and he may be on the wrong side.

Die Hard of the Dead part 1: Bad Moon Rising - John Leland is known to the world as John McClane. He famously prevented a terrorist attack 30 years ago and they have been making movies of his life ever since. After going AWOL to Russia in a misguided move which resulted in failure of the mission and the demise of his son he was fired. He took a job working with his old friend Al Powell at ‘Mctiernans’ mall as holiday season security. He thought things couldn’t get any worse…

And if that’s not enough you also get a free double sided poster inside!

Haven’t you ever wondered, What If?

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