What if?

Issue one is coming in time for Halloween. It includes 3 stories

Broken Home (Jess Forrest), They lived (Harry Utton) and Die Hard of the Dead part one: Bad Moon Rising (Mark Hooley) all stories are written by myself (Matthew Stapleton) It even has a free double sided poster inside.

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‘Come with us and leave your world behind’


Die hard of the dead

Check out this time lapse as Mark Hooley works his magic on issue 1 of 'Die hard of the dead' 


Join us!

Do you want to be bought to life as the undead? email us at whatifstories@outlook.com and we can make you into a living dead work of art.

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Prepare to have your mind blown!

Issue 1 of 'what if' is coming soon and will be available for digital download as well as in store at local retailers.

They lived panel.png

Where did we begin?

Die hard of the dead originally had a much slower beginning. We mapped out a 30 page issue with very little zombie activity all designed to set the scene. Some of this will still make it into the story. 

Here is a sample of some of this rough work

This depicts a sequence where Jon has tracked Jack down in Russia and they have ended up in Chernobyl much like in the end of 'a good day to die hard'. However in our story Jack dies and Komarov is trapped under some debris. Jon out of spite leaves Yuri Komarov to die . The final page shows a clean up crew finding him sometime later and he looks in a bad state.